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Recovery from mental illness is absolutely possible for those willing to invest in themselves.  The American mental health system fails on many levels - do not let that failure become your own.  Take the parts that work for you and summon the courage to find the missing pieces.  

My journey of awareness includes painful lessons, an abundance of self-doubt and the courage needed to survive and thrive with a mental illness diagnosis.

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From mental imprisonment to a place of personal power and freedom

Free for only a short while, consumed by powerful adversaries not quickly identified, a story is recorded here about a path less familiar.  Elements of this story are recognizable to many.  Unlocking this world required many keys, all available to anyone looking to identify their purpose, overcome their obstacles and resolved to positively impact themselves, as well as their community.

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Thriving outside of societal norms

For me, an outlaw is someone who is free from their inherited definition of themselves, an image given to them in childhood by family and society.  

An outlaw is someone who is disciplined, actively living a life of courage, temperance, wisdom and justice. 

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If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and are located within the United States, dial 988.  Veterans, to speak to someone, dial "1" after 988 and you will be connected to the Veterans Crisis Lifeline.  Veterans who wish to text instead can text "838255" for help.

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