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Life, fairness, weeds and chocolate cake

Many of us from our earliest memories, can identify someone who reprimanded one of our pouts with the phrase life is not fair. Which generally made me twist up my face in an even more sour state before stomping off to my room. Fast forward 15 years and life itself is screaming from the rafters that fairness is at the bottom of its goal list. Another 15 years and I am still pounding off to my room, licking life's wounds and listening to the human equivalent of a caterwaul paired with ghostly notes plucked from the strings of a beat-up electric guitar.

I was in desperate need of a perspective switch. In this case it was the fact that life rarely gives us what we expect, what we plan for ourselves, but life ALWAYS gives us what we need to grow and succeed. This is not some glib way of saying make lemonade out of those lemons life just dealt you but a reminder that you can also take those lemons and do any myriad of things from composting, garnishing, juggling or playing catch. Life is going to hand you some seriously crappy deals. If you are engaged with your life, you can't avoid the BS that comes with living.

I am here to tell you that if you have been dealt a crappy hand, congratulations! Life, the universe, whatever power you may or may not believe in - well, it believes in you. You are LIVING life. The folks who constantly seem to have "all the luck" are the folks I worry about. I don't worry about those of us whose lives don't match up to whatever FaceInstaLinkSnapTik image is running non-stop around the world. Be the rebel that laughs right back at life when life laughs at the plans you made for yourself. How incredibly powerful is the person who owns their life, smirking while they tell life, "Oh yeah - I see what you did there, and I got this!"

No easy button. The good stuff is the hard stuff, the stuff that sets you apart from the pack. Be true to who you are in the moment while keeping your eyes open for who you are becoming in the next. Constantly evolve, taking the obstacles and turning them upside down. Don't wait for a cheer to rise from the crowd, rather be your own cheer squad for each success, each evolution that makes you more whole, stronger and shine more brilliantly than yesterday.

Learning to laugh at yourself is the best gift you can give yourself - you will always have a source of laughter not dependent on anything or anyone else. Smile when no one is watching. And celebrate something every day - not just on your birthday or surviving another semester. Celebrate the weed flowering in a crack on the sidewalk at your bus stop, smile as you make a surprise chocolate cake for your roommates, laugh at yourself when that last step on the stairwell isn't quite where you thought it was and you stomp the ground extra hard with your right foot. And know, that with this attitude, no matter the ebbs and flows of life, you are prepared to handle whatever comes your way with love, light and laughter. You've got this.

Magnolia blossom
Magnolia blossom

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